A New Day, A New Blog

I’ve been absent for a while. A long while. I’ll catch up on all the things that have been going on soon but for now…have you noticed anything different? 

Yep…I gots myself a new do. 

I decided a while back the blog needed an upgrade. So, after about a year of trying to figure out what do to…I finally got it. You’ll notice that this blog is through wordpress, not blogger, and that it has a new domain name (www.mackenziemdavidson.wordpress.com). I’m really excited about the different features this blog has. There’s a section where you can learn why we are going to Italy. There’s a section where you can contact us. And the granddaddy of them all…there’s a section where you can donate to our work. The content of the posts will generally remain the same. I’ll write about what we are doing in Salerno, how ministry is going, how the kids are surviving better than we are, what God is teaching me, and so on and so forth. 

I have always tried to be honest in my writing. I don’t want to paint a picture that is not accurate. Life is not always pretty. It is messy and hard and there are bad days. There will be plenty when we land on foreign soil. So if you want to know the messy details of life, both good and bad, in a foreign country, then I hope you will keep coming back to read about our upcoming adventure. 

There are a few people who helped me along the way of getting the new blog up and running and I want to give them the shout out they deserve. 

Stephen Wright, thank you for helping me with technical things. I was lost and frustrated until you walked in and made it look so simple. Thanks for being patient, for the visit, and for being one of those friends both Paul and I will still have in 20 years. That goes for Ally as well. 

Erin Etheridge, famously known as The Fierce Beagle, thanks for pushing me, encouraging me, spending time working on a blog that we ended up scrapping, telling me it was ok to have dreams and to go for them, for dreaming with me, and for telling me I can do it. I love you tremendously. 

And lastly, to Paul for not telling me I was silly or naive to have such big ideas and dreams for myself. Thanks for always being my rock. I love you. 

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