About Me

FKP_7422 We are Paul, MacKenzie, Lily and Caleb Davidson. Although I, MacKenzie, will be writing most of the posts, this blog is about all   of us. Here’s a brief bio of “us”.

Paul hails from Simsboro, Louisiana. He has a BA in Business from Louisiana Tech University and a Masters of Missions from     Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. He’s really cool, really funny, and really loves people. His heartbeat  is seeing people who are far from Jesus draw near to him. He eats, breaths, and sleeps the Gospel and leads our family to do the same. He has an incredible story of life change, but it is not my story to share. Maybe someday he’ll share it.

I hail from McAdams, Mississippi. I have a BA in Music Education from Mississippi State University and a Masters of Music in Piano Pedagogy from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (which is where Paul and I met). I am super clumsy, somewhat humorous especially when I am suffering from a lack of sleep, enjoy cooking for people as a ploy to get them to my house to hang out, and absolutely love studying and teaching the Bible. This is my heartbeat, my deep desire…to see women come out from the bondage and slavery that sin ensnares us in to walk in the truth and love that Jesus gives. I spent so many years searching in the wrong places, not knowing who I was, comparing myself to others, walking through life with my head held down. But God is gracious and good and kind and loving. And one day, when I wasn’t necessarily looking for it, I found myself in the truths of Scripture. And although I had been redeemed since childhood, for the first time I began to walk in the confidence of being a child of God.

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