A Wee Gift

Last night I received a wee gift from a dear friend. It is a beautiful three leaf clover necklace. My friend gave it to me with the stipulation that whenever anyone asks who gave it to me I had to tell them, “My Irish friend.” This I will gladly do. 

When she pulled it out of the box and gave it to me I was overcome with love and how much I will miss her stories and her hugs and her smile and her quiet humor. 

This is only the first. The first in a series of goodbyes to come this week. We leave Winston-Salem next Saturday to head back South to spend time with family. And while I am so excited and chomping at the bit to get this journey started, I am heartbroken. 

One would think after all the change and moving I have done since moving to Texas over ten years ago that I would be used to saying goodbye. But it never seems to get easier. Only harder as I age and increase in the knowledge of the value of friendships. 

I read the following verse on a friend’s blog several days ago:

“And anyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.” Matthew 19:29

The promise in this verse is so great. But it’s the first part that had me thinking as we drove home last night after I received my precious wee gift. Jesus KNOWS what and who we are leaving. He names them, which to me indicates he knows their importance, their significance in our lives. I find that comforting. He knows how hard it is because he did it. He left his heavenly Father to come to the earth that was his footstool. He left his mother and brothers and sisters to accomplish the mission for which he left heaven. 

So, as I enter this last week in Winston-Salem, one which will be filled with goodbyes and leaving, I take comfort in knowing my Lord did it too.  

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