The Sunrise

As we flew over the Atlantic, before day had broken, for some reason I decided to lift the shade of the window I was sitting by.

What I saw left be breathless…speechless….

We were flying above a landscape of smooth clouds. In the distance where the sky and clouds met there was a a brilliant orange which led to a vibrant yellow which gave way to pale yellow that faded into ever darker shades of blue.

To say it was beautiful is to belittle it.

And I thought about the majesty of God. His greatness, His magnitude, His beauty. I thought of how all creation praises His name because it all points to Him. From the rolling clouds to the rising of the sun. I realize – again – how small I am and how big God is. And God, who is so great and vast, loves little, insignificant me. He has chosen me, saved me, loved me, and is in the process of sanctifying me.

All this from a sunrise from a unique perspective for me but one that God sees every day.

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