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  1. My dear MacKenzie, How I enjoy reading your posts!! I too struggle with being able to buy anything you want, but in the opposite direction. Other than eggs and milk, I have only “wants” and few “needs”. In June, I will be 66 and grandma hands are a small sacrifice for the 6 beautiful grandchildren I enjoy so much. I just completed a study of Revelation and learned how beautifully God can tell us everything in a veil that protects us from hysteria. He’s the smartest ever!
    I am accompanying the Women’s Ensemble at Ole Miss and it reminds me of my 22 years at Holmes CC.
    The music is wonderful and the young ladies so pretty.
    Keep up the exercising. You can keep moving as long as you work at it. The only thing better is memorizing scripture.
    Much love,
    Janet Simpson

    • Mrs. Simpson,
      Thank you so much for reading my posts. I’m not surprised to hear that you are accompanying…you’ll always find somewhere to play or someone to teach. I’ve started teaching one of our teammates daughters, Addison. She just turned 8. We got off to a rocky start due to using the book that came with the keyboard (mercy, yes, a keyboard…but it’s better than nothing and we are doing the best with what we have). I encouraged them to get new books (Alfred) and she is doing MUCH better.
      I am loving the exercise group I am a part of. They focus on more than just the body. They have devotionals and also nutrition help as well. I’ve learned a lot and am in the best shape I’ve ever been in I think. If only I could lay off the bread 😉 I’m going to a ladies’ retreat next month and am leading some workouts. YIKES. Hope they like burpees and mountain climbers. Maybe when we are home next summer we can come stay in Oxford a few days and you and I can hit the gym one day. That’d be a hoot and a half.
      I love you greatly and think of you so often. I hope you know how much you helped shape my life. I remember you told me once that teaching was your ministry, and how many times we just talked because I needed to talk more than I needed to play that day. I’ve tried to imitate that with my students over the few years I have taught. You have had a great impact because you have let the Lord use you. I am so glad you have.

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