The Sweet Biscuit Inn

We made a spur of the moment decision last week to go to Asheville for a night…and what a great decision it was! Paul, aka the researcher of all things in our family, found the Sweet Biscuit Inn  for us to stay at. It is nestled between other dreamy mountain homes far enough from the downtown noise that you can sleep with the windows open and only hear the rain falling and the wind whistling through the many trees outside your windows but only a few minutes from area attractions. 

The owners, Christian and Claudia, are absolutely wonderful. They are so very hospitable and kind…they even ran to the store to get us some milk for Caleb to have when he would wake up the next morning….at 5:00am. (He clearly did not get the “we’re on vacation” memo)

Here’s a quick tour of this incredible home.

The front stairs lead you to the place I could have spent the entire day and a half. All I would have needed was a jug of sweet tea and a glass with ice in it. It is….the front porch…

 with double rocking chairs on one end…

 and a swing on the other. I mean, can’t you just hear the Judds singing “Rockin’ to the Rhythm of the Rain”? ‘Cause I did the whole time.

When you walk in, the stairs immediately draw your attention as does the “season tree”. Right now, it is still decorated for Spring, with butterflies and birds hugging the branches. At the top of the stairs is a Yamaha baby grand, (be still my heart) on which house concerts are given.

As you make your way to the stairs your eye catches the spacious dining room and you just can’t help but stop and go in.
You are immediately drawn to the back hutch, which is filled with a rainbow of Fiestaware. All the colors make the room bright and cozy and so very cheerful. The table is set for breakfast, which you can read about here.
Our room, the Bird Song suite, was just amazing! The bed was adorned with the biggest, fluffiest pillows I have ever laid my head on. And I am a sucker for claw foot tubs.

 In between the bathroom and bedroom was a large living area with a trundle bed and our hosts had set up a pack and play for Caleb. The bookshelf was lined with everything from history to classics, and toys lined the bottom shelves. We spent all of Tuesday night playing dinosaurs while we watched Ice Age. A good time was had by all.

One of the best things about the house is that there is no central heat and air. Each room has its own air conditioning unit and radiators. Why is this a “best thing”? Because it means you can lift all the windows, turn on the ceiling fan and sleep like baby.

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