The Food in Asheville

Why do you go on vacation? Is it for relaxation, to see sights, to get away from the business of life? Personally, I go for the food. Okay, not only for the food, but that’s about 85% of the reason I want to go. We had heard the food in Asheville was good, but it was better than good, it was amazing.

After our mile long hike in the Pisgah National Forest we were all ravenously hungry and stopped to eat some Hawg Wild BBQ. I scarfed down my sandwich before I could get a picture of it. Sorry.
The neat thing about this place is that they serve both Eastern and Western BBQ.

While walking downtown, I grew so tired that I thought I was going to fall over in the street so we popped in this quaint coffee shop. I had a latte and Paul got an espresso with the silkiest key lime pie that I have had.
After another 30 minutes or so of walking I was hungry again so we stopped by the Gourmet Chip Company. I had seen it on our last trip and since I have an unhealthy obsession with potato chips I have been wanting to go back to Asheville just to go to this place. They have a myriad of flavors that they make when you order them. There is the Parisan, the Cajun, Southern BBQ, the Napa, the American…and so many more.

 We went with the Italiano (of course). What we received were Kettle Style Potato Chips covered in Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Pecorino Romano, Fresh Basil, Balsamic Vinegar and Sea Salt. Scrumptous.

On Wednesday morning we had breakfast where else, at the Bed and Breakfast. It was my first time to have a three course breakfast.

We started with fresh fruit.

For our second course we had egg in a basket. Sorry… I forgot about getting a picture until it was half eaten, and then the picture came out blurry. I blame it on being so consumed with what I was eating that I could not focus on taking a good picture. I tried to eat this delicious culinary delight slowly so the others at the table wouldn’t think I had the manners of hog at meal time. I also ate some of Caleb’s when I thought no one was looking. 


For the last course, we had freshly made crepes. I started with a sugar and cinnamon one, and not wanting all the crepe batter to go to waste, I also had a small nutella one. Paul, being a person of more will power than myself, limited himself to one Crepe Suzette.

For lunch we ate at The Cantina and had the most amazing…tacos…ever. We both had one shrimp and one steak taco. I had hard shells, but Paul had corn tortillas. I think he made the better selection on shells. But hard or soft, these things were incredible. The steak was tender, the shrimp succulent. The veggies were grilled to perfection. And the FLAVOR! Powerful flavor in every bite.

Thanks Asheville for the good times…and the food. Oh, the food. 

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