Lily is starting to teach Caleb how to do things. “No, Caleb. We don’t don’t throw things,” or “No, no Caleb, it goes here” (referring to a puzzle piece) or “Caleb, you have to look both ways before crossing the street.”

Caleb is starting to be able to make Lily laugh. He chases her around the house, creating continuous screaming and laughter. He gives her hugs even when she doesn’t want them (he usually tries do give hugs while she is watching a movie – it’s almost always during a climatic part). He looks at her adoringly and mimics everything she does.

I imagine them doing so many things as they get older. And though I know that life will be different than I imagine, it’s still nice to dream sometimes.

I dream about…

Lily on the first day of 2nd grade, holding Caleb’s hand as he starts Kindergarten, explaining the lunch line, recess, and that mommy will be there to pick them up really soon.

Caleb interviewing any boy that dares come pick Lily up for a date, making sure he knows the “rules” that go along with taking his sister to dinner and a movie.

Lily cheering madly for Caleb when he hits his first home run, yelling so loud she’s hoarse later that night.

Caleb holding on to his sister, not wanting to let go, when we drop her off at her college dorm room.

Both of them overwhelmed with excitement as they see each other be baptized. 

These are just a few of the things I imagine and dream they’ll do. Like I said, I’m sure some of these things won’t go as I imagine. But I do hope and pray that they face whatever life brings them together, side by side and hand in hand.

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