It’s off to Asheville we go!

Last week we decided to go to Asheville for a night. Paul found us a great place to stay called the Sweet Biscuit Inn. You can read about the loveliness of it here. We had many adventures in the 24 hours or so we were there.

Our first adventure was to the Pisgah National Forest, about 30 miles south of Asheville. It is an outdoorsman’s dream, with hiking, mountain bike trails, horse back riding, tubing, canoeing, hunting, fishing, waterfalls, and camping. We hiked a 1 mile kid friendly trail, which the kids loved!

Off we go!
The map reader

 This is the swinging bridge that hangs above a deep ravine. I don’t do swinging bridges or deep ravines. But there was no other way to the other side. So I put on a brave face for the kids, took a deep breath and Caleb and I started across the treacherous bridge. We started off ok, as you can see above…but then…

 the bridge started to sway back and forth violently (well, maybe violently is a strong word to use, but swaying is NOT the same as still). I picked up my baby and I sprinted to the other side like I was being chased by a momma grizzly bear who had just woken up from hibernation and was ravenously hungry.

 Tell your nerves to calm down…we safely made it to the other side. However, I think I lost a little respect in the eyes of Caleb for running like my life depended on it across a bridge that was made for children.

The rest of the hike was not as eventful as the crossing of the bridge. Lily and Caleb had a great time and both were well worn out by the finish.

But it’s not time to rest! We’re off to Adventure #2….

There are tons of waterfalls in and around the Pisgah National Forest. We chose to go to the Looking Glass waterfall because it was only 4 miles away.

 I think this is the largest waterfall I have ever seen. These two pictures were taken at the top, but you can walk all the way down to the water and swim a few yards from the waterfall.

When I saw the waterfall I could not get the waterfall scene from “The Last of the Mohicans” out of my head. I just kept seeing empty canoes crashing over the falls. That changed when I saw the teenager on the right side of the picture. I just kept seeing him being swept down the river by those rapids he is standing in.

After a bite to eat, we headed to Adventure #3, which was more for the grown-ups and less for the kids…we went to downtown Asheville. Sadly, for some reasons I have really no pictures except of food.
Downtown is really cool and hippy. Street musicians are playing on many street corners. Antiques shops, art galleries, and very sheik restaurants line the Main Street.
When we put the kids back in the car to go find the bed and breakfast (which you can read about here) and less than five minutes later, this is what we saw….          

When we arrived at the B&B we discovered a playground…

When I see this picture, all I see are my giant monster feet…and how awkward I look.
Then we found the dinosaurs and that was all our kids needed.

My brother had THIS EXACT dinosaur when we were kids. Seeing it threw me into a state of nostalgia.

We started Day 2 with some antique browsing, which was the highlight of the trip for the kids I think. Then we headed to Adventure #3…

 There were bears….

 Mountain lions…


 Wolves… (I began wondering if all the animals had been drugged because they were almost all sleeping)

Amphibians and reptiles…I should go without saying that upon entering this building I found a corner that was far, far away from any type of reptilian animal and sat while Paul chased two children around the building.

After gazing at the several other animals, we headed to the Biltmore Village for some lunch. The rain started after that so we loaded up the kids and headed home.

Thanks Asheville. A good time was had by all.

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