Out of Town but Not Out of Sorts

Tomorrow we are traveling to Winston-Salem, and we’ll be there for a week…without Lily. This will be the first time I have ever been away from her for longer than a few short hours. I’m already crying about it.
But don’t worry all you worry-warts, I”ll be fine…as will Lily. She is staying with my parents and hopefully will have some good bonding time with her slightly older cousin, Isaiah. They’ll either bond or I’ll come home to two small children who can’t stand to be in the same room with one another. Let’s all hope they bond.

So why are we leaving our baby for 8 long days? Reason #1 – Revo has its launch service on the 27th of this month!! YEAH!! It’s finally here! We are so excited. Then we remember that we have to come back here to finish fundraising so that we can actually be a part of everything that is going on up there.

Reason #2 – We have to find a place for our family to live. With all the other things we have to do to help for the launch service, we will have limited amount of time to do this. But we have a plan and I think we can get it done.

Reason #3 – To try to find a nice bank who would like to hold my money for without charging too much to do so and who will hopefully give me free checks.

Reason #4 – To do lots of other stuff that you don’t want to read about because you are probably bored by now anyway.

So thanks for reading this and please pray for us as we find a place to live, are apart from the most precious child I could ever have asked God to allow me to parent, and the church starts (that one is a huge praise and prayer request at the same time).

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