Coughs and Prayers

Last week we made the long 11 hour drive up to Winston-Salem, NC, our soon-to-be new home. We had planned to leave Lily in MS with my parents because we had so much to do in NC that we could NOT get it done with her in tote.
So we started packing for the trip on Saturday, planning to leave early Sunday morning. We would stop in SC to see a friend and then head on up to NC on Monday morning. But because nothing goes according to plan none of that happened.

Lily, who had had an on and off fever, a leaky faucet for a nose and a little cough since the incredible four inches of snow a couple of weeks ago, had a 103.9 fever Saturday at 4:30 p.m. My first reaction…call my mom, who told me to call me friend Neeli who is an LPN. Neeli told us to take her to the ER.

I did not have high expectations for the ER. I’d heard horror stories, some of which have been experienced by members of my family, however, Lily was seen rather quickly and after blood test, a nose swab, and a chest x-ray the conclusion was that she had a mild case of pneumonia and an upper respiratory infection. She was given a shot and we were told to take her to her doctor on Monday.

Lily’s doctor was out Monday. So instead she saw a really nice LPN (not my friend Neeli), who told us that she also had an ear infection. WHAT?? We were also told that she did not need to be around other small children for 48 hours. My parents keep my 2 year old nephew so we went home to contemplate our trip and what to do. We really needed to go and by this time Lily was acting just fine, except for the nagging cough. So, after much consideration and a couple of doses of way to expensive antibiotic later, we loaded the car and left. My mom came and stayed with Lily at our house until the allotted time period had past and then took her to her house.

The thing that amazed me about all this was that immediately after we called Nathan and Russ (two of the pastors at the church in NC) a prayer email was sent out to all the people at REVO (that’s the name of the church, FYI). More than one person called or texted us Sunday and Monday. We are not even there yet and the men and women who make up REVO love us and pray for us. It was amazing how quick it happened.

I’ll keep posting more about our trip to NC. So check back in this week.

If you want to know more about REVO Church check out

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