Team Retreat

Over the weekend our team traveled about an hour east to a bed and breakfast called Locanda Cinciarella. It is a very nice home in the mountains surrounded by olive and chestnut grooves. It is very quaint and welcoming. The family makes their own bread, pasta, wine, olive oil, and probably many other things.

We were able to get many things accomplished during the weekend. It was great to be able to spend some time with everyone, including Dudley and Janet Graves from Rome who watched the kids while we worked. Sunday we had team worship, which was great. We were able to share how God brought us to this point, which is always an encouraging thing to hear.

Now, about the food. The food was pretty dog gone good. Sorry that there are no pictures of it below. Friday and Saturday nights we had four courses, all of which were delicious. The big meal, as you might can guess, was Sunday. I think we sat down at around 2:00 and finally got up a little before 5:00. We ate antipasti (appetizers) for about an hour. It was all so very, very good. The pregnant lady came home content and happy about all the food she ate.

Jason holding an exhausted Alessia between courses

Emma petting one of the cats. The kids had a great time with all the pets.

Grace and Alessia

Locanda Cinciarella

Pretty picture Paul took

I think this is a church in the town close by Locanda Cinciarella. I just thought it was a pretty picture. I sure am glad my husband can take good pictures.

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