Love Without Seeing

Between crying (those crazy hormones…I probably saw a puppy on TV or something) and cleaning and working today something occurred to me. I can’t see Lily (other than sonogram pictures) but I love her so much. I am overwhelmed with it. It consumes me. It is an all encompassing love. And everyone was right, you can’t describe it accurately enough. It is something you have to experience. I wonder sometimes how I can ever love her more when I actually see her.

And that lead me to thinking if I love Lily, who I can’t see but can feel, so much do I love God, who I can’t see but can feel, more than that? Am I consumed with love for Him? I have to say that there are moments that I am overwhelmed and can’t pray because I am just….well, overwhelmed that the God of all the universe loves me.

Do I love Him enough? Do I love Him as He deserves? Do I show Him my love? I can try, but I am human and I can’t even come close.

But, like Lily, I wonder how much more I will fall in love with God when I actually see Him. Just thinking about it is….I don’t even have a word. I long to see my daughter face-to-face, but more than that I long, desire, and crave to see my Savior face-to-face.

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