Communication…or lack thereof

If you ever move to a different country and don’t know the language you will no doubt experience communication difficulties. Over the past year and half I can’t tell you how many dates, times, places, etc. I have gotten wrong.

Since getting married I’ve learned just how important communication is. There are many times when disagreements occur because of a lack of communication, but miscommunication can also give you something to laugh about. Take what happened at lunch today at our house for example:

Setting: At 1:15 we have to leave to go to the doctor. I (MacKenzie) am sitting at the kitchen table finishing off some apple pie so I can go put on make-up before leaving.

Paul says “We’ve got to hurry”.
I reply, “I won’t get to put on my make-up. That’s a booger.”
I heard Paul say ,“You don’t need it.” To which I thought, “How nice of him to think I am beautiful without make-up.”

Then he laughed. What??

He had heard,“That’s a booger,” as I stared down into my apple pie to which he replied “Don’t eat it.”

I like my version better.

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