That’s right, folks. Our team leaders are back. The Worthy’s made it home with all four children (they left back in March with 3) and all gazillion bags.
We anxiously awaited on their balcony after we received the phone call that they had been picked up and were only about ten minutes away. The excitement was building…and I did a happy dance, but just a little one because our friend Janet was there. And then that wonderful moment when they pulled up and jumped out of the car. Hugs abounded!! And I don’t know how but no tears of joy were shed! So now they get to get over jet lag and unpack the gazillion bags they brought plus a crate when it arrives.
Before I end this blog I just want to say thanks to some folks. To the Pinkstons and everybody in Rome who called, sent emails and let us stay with you…thanks. You encouraged us, lifted us up to our Father, were present, and let us know we were not alone even though we were in a city without team members. Thanks. It was and always will be appreciated.

One thought on “THEY’RE BACK!!! ALL SIX OF THEM!!!

  1. even though we have never actually met in person, I’m going to want a huge hug too! Ryan not so much, you should just know now on our love language test, “touch” was Ryan’s lowest and of course I came out with it being my highest! ha!

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