Saturday Sharon taught me and some of my friends how to decorate cakes. A lot of you reading this post knew about the cake party and have been praying about it for a while. It was so much fun. Sharon did a great job and I did an ok job in translating. Luck for us, one of the girls speaks a little English and could follow pretty well.
We all decorated our own cake and then Sharon showed us how to decorate a shaped cake – like a bunny or Superman or …you get the point.
I invited the women to a bible study for this Saturday. So, if you read this before then please pray that I will be prepared and that at least one person would come.

Sharon showing Ivana how to decorate

Ivana’s cake

All the girls and our cakes

Francesca trying to decide what to make

Federica looking at her masterpiece.

Francesca hard at work

Partaking of our creations

Ivana concentrating really hard!

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