Good Times with Vince and Sharon

Here are some recent pics of us and Vince and Sharon, our friends that came in from Texas to spend some time with us. Hope you enjoy!

This picture is for Kristen F. Hoffman – senior picture pose at Pompeii

Me pointing to this stone because I think it looks like a lego block

Sharon and me pretending to cook a pizza in an old wood burning oven at Pompeii

Steam coming our of the crater of Vesuvius

Me, Vince and Sharon on top of Vesuvius by the crater ( Paul is taking the picture)

Sharon pretending to serve Paul a drink at what would have been a restaurant at Pompeii

Sharon trying to push over this pillar

Me pretending to try to be Hercules and lift his big ancient stone.

On top of San Elmo with Vesuvius in the background

Vince about to tear into his gelato from Gay Odin – the best chocolate gelato in the city.

Sharon and I waiting as Vince and Paul take pictures in Pompeii

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