What If….

What if … one person we know became transformed by the power of Jesus Christ?
What if … he/she told his/her family and friends about the love of Christ and they saw the difference in his/her life and then became transformed themselves?
What if… they began telling their friends and families?
What if … the existing evangelical churches in not only Napoli but all of Italia became burdened for their countrymen and evangelism broke out like wildfire?
What if … a nation so steeped in the worship of saints and traditions became a nation broken and in love with only Jesus Christ?
What if … that nation began sending out missionaries to the ends of the earth?
What if … the churches around the world became so broken over the nations that they wept and cried out for God to bring every tribe, tongue, and nation unto Himself?
What if … every evangelical church in the world not only cried out to God for the nations to come to Him but actually went out and made it happen?
These are my prayers.

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