Zigzagging along the coast

Wednesday we went on a hike with two friends from language school, Jim and Antoinette. We traveled by train south to Sorrento, which only takes about an hour. Then we got on a bus and snaked our way around the coast to the little town of San Agatta. A brief pause in the story…as we were snaking our way around the coast, I was getting sick (thanks busdriver who drove way to fast around sharp curves). Anyway, back to the main story. We finally made it to San Agatta, without me dying from carsickness, and began to follow the directions in a guide book. It told us to follow red and white markings along the road. So we followed the signs and the coast and began our journey. There were a few points where we didn’t really know where to go, but that’s half the fun, right? At one point we all looked ahead (and up) and saw this huge cliff. Jim joking said, “We’re going there.” Little did we know, he was right. See the cliff to the left – yes, we climbed it. As we fought through some underbrush I could help but think following my dad on on early spring morning in pursuit of the sound of a gobbler…..
Anyway, somehow we ended up going the wrong way (it could be because the book we were using is about eight years old) and we did not make it to our final destination but instead made one huge circle. But it wasn’t so bad because we got to go to the beach. You will notice I am not in any beach pictures due the fact that the water was very cold. Below are some pictures that Paul took of our hike. Hope you enjoy!!

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