Before coming to Napoli, we had a desire to help the helpless. This started at our church in Fort Worth, 121 Community Church, when the pastor Ross Sawyers preached a series on Amos about social justice. Amos’ complaint to the Israelites was that they had neglected the helpless, poor, and widowed. Ross’ challenge to the church was “What are you doing on an individual basis and what are we doing as a church to help those in need?”
This has stuck with us as we have traveled across the Atlantic. So, thanks Ross and 121 for not only preaching it but living out as well.
We would like to help the homeless and poor in Napoli, more specifically, our neighborhood Fuorigrotta. This is not something we have to pray about because it is an expectation of Christ. We would like to meet this expectation.
On a large scale, we are lead to believe that this would be a soup kitchen of some kind. Whether it would be open once a month or once a week or every day, we don’t yet know. There are lots of other things that we don’t yet know also, like what facilities would we use, where would the food and supplies come from, and who would help us.
We are asking, and will continue to ask, that you pray everyday for God to raise up people around us who have a heart to do the same thing, if it would glorify Him. If not, we ask that He show us how we can help people on a larger scale.
In the meantime, pray that we would be faithful to help those around us that we see everyday.

One thought on “Souplicious

  1. You are two of the greatest people I know. We love you both so much. It is your hearts that we have fallen in love with and this post is just one example of how big your hearts are. We will pray for God to show you exactly how you are to help the masses of your neighborhood. I wish we were there and could be apart of what you guys are doing. We love you both and will continue to pray.By the way, in Southern Brazil they have started building an Italian team. (hint-hint) Just keep it in the back of your minds. 🙂Love you,Keri

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