The Race That Was Not…

For three months, more or less, I have trained to run a half-marathon in Rome with my friend, Dudley. I have always wanted to run a half-marathon, really just to prove to myself I could do it. There were many 6:00 a.m. mornings. And on those days when I had nothing left, I would think, “The race is almost here…you can do it.”
So the week of the race arrives. We are in Rome the entire week for a meeting – the race is on Saturday night. I have been counting on registering for the race the Friday before or Saturday of. Well, Dudley tells me that the race is closed – which means they already have enough participants. On top of that, you have to have medical clearance. I am sure all of this was on the website, maybe in small print, but I am sure it was there nonetheless and I just did not see it. So, you can imagine my disappointment. I found all this out at supper and needless to say, was not much company afterwards.
But, Dudley being the great man he is, took me to try to register anyway. There was a small hope that maybe I could register for a 13K and just run the half-marathon. We show up and ask the very nice lady about it. She asks if I have a medical form, to which we respond “No”. She informs us there is no hope of me running the half without it, and the other race got canceled because this weekend is the celebration of St. Peter and St. Paul and the area in which the 13K was going to be run is being used for the celebration of men who I am pretty sure would be aghast at the thought of being celebrated and worshiped.
So, I did not get to run the race, but I can run up to 11 miles, although I don’t know what good that is unless you are going to run a half-marathon.

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