Stuff M’s Like

This blog is for all the other M’s out there. If you don’t know what a “M” is, you probably won’t get any of this post…sorry.

Recently I found a blog titled while I was reading a friend’s blog. Let me just preface this. If you have never read this blog and you don’t have a couple hours to laugh, reminisce, or be convicted about the truthfulness and sincerity in which this guy (Jon) writes, i suggest saving it for a day when you have a few hours to spare. It will probably bless your socks off like it has mine and will probably make you more aware of your sins…no that’s not right. If you are genuinely walking in Holy Spirt, you can’t be any more aware than what you are now…reading his blog will let you know that others struggle the same way we do and he just makes fun of how we Christians try to cover it up. It’s actually quite brilliant.

So, I’m confessing that this attempt will not be nearly as funny as some of his or as insightful. But I did want to devote at least one blog to “Stuff M’s like” (No, M does not stand for MacKenzie) So, here we go:

1. Acronyms: “Hi my name is Paul, I am an ISC’er woking in WE for the IMB. I’m here to start a CPM and next week we’re going to our ACM and doing a rountable on CBS…blah blah blah. If you have any questions send me an SMS.” AHH!!! Before my current job I worked for TCS (the Container Store) and thought they were the kings of acronyms. Well, i was wrong!

2. Communicating in a grammatically correct sentences in languages other than English…with more than 6 words.
For example…”Hi my name is Paul…” STOP! that’s 5 words. I know that I can effectively communicate that sentence in (insert your language of choice) correctly and with confidence. The moment I start to add anything else to that sentence is when I start to notice blank stares on the faces of everyone else as if Harry Potter just died.

3. Soccer…because it’s the most popular sport in almost every country in the world..except the U.S. Go figure.

4. Peanut Butter..because it reminds you of those good ol’ days with PB&J sandwiches…which reminds you of playing in the back yard with your best friends…which reminds you of not having to worry about anything but going to school and doing a couple of chores around the house..which reminds you of M.C. Hammer and “too legit to quit”… which reminds you of playing “thump knuckles” during recess… You get the point.

5. Horrible “bathroom” stories….because most of us who have lived overseas have had at least one unbelievable story relating to some kinda sickness that almost killed us…or at least ran our friends out of the house.

6. Horrible “food” stories…because most of us have eaten something out of respect that a local person prepared just for us! Ummmm Yak butter Tea…can’t wait. Oh wait, I forgot the thousand year old eggs, or sea worms! There are times when we just have to pray “God, I know it’s not chocolate, but if you could just take away that puss looking stuff it sure would help.” Hint: these normally lead to the horrible “bathroom” stories.

7. Random packages in the mail. In the states we would automatically call the police to do a anthrax search from an “unknown sender”, but overseas it doesn’t matter if it’s from someone who you know has been dead for 10 years. “I received a package, let’s have a party!!!”

8. When volunteers come for short-term trips and eat all of your stuff that came in the random packages. I mean seriously..dude, you can wait 5 more days and have all the nutter butter’s, twizzlers, brownies and cherry coke you want. Have a little respect for someone’s private stash.

Well i’m sure there many more we can add to this list.. so please comment back and let me know some of your own ideas for “stuff m’s like” or “stuff m’s don’t like”. I’ll update this post when we get some responses.


4 thoughts on “Stuff M’s Like

  1. I love it! Definitely made me smile today! Unfortunately, I can’t contribute any “M” stories yet. Maybe some day. I think about you guys often! Can’t wait to hear about all that you are experiencing and learning about him. In Him,Melissa B.

  2. I had to read this blog again, it was way too good the first time. You cracked me up. I can NOT begin to tell you how true this list is. You and MacKenzie have to do a better job of hiding your stash (which is exactly what we call it too!)- we have no room to talk- our stuff is right there- there just isn’t anywhere else to put it.

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