We spent the past week in Frascati, which is a town outside Rome, at a meeting with colleagues from Spain, Portugal, Malta, and Italy. It was a a great time for us. We were able to see friends from our training in Virginia and also to make new friends.
Our times of worship were some of the best times and fed my soul. I needed to sing and to hear sermons in my heart language.
This brings up something that I think many people think about missionaries. We are not superheroes. We are human. We have successes and failures. We are also not immune to unhappiness, despair, fatigue, and disappointment. We need times of refreshing and renewal. Times where we can focus on God and who we are in light of Him. Times where we can be broken and repent. Times where we can fellowship with other believers who are going or have gone through some of the same things. Times of encouragement and uplifting. Times of praise. Times of forgiveness. Times to refocus on the burden God has placed on our hearts. Times to remember why we are doing what we are doing and that it is not in vain. Times to remember that it is God who is glorified through this work, not us. Times to rejoice in what God is doing. Times to praise Him for allowing us to be a part of the great work of bringing the nations to Him.
So thank you to everybody who made the cluster meeting what it was.

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