Aerobics and Angry People

Just in case you were wondering about the title, this post is about two totally separate things.
The first thing is aerobics. I started going to an aerobics class this week at our gym. Wednesday I showed up and there was me, the instructor, and one other lady. We decided to go ahead and have the class. Let me tell you…you thing aerobics is hard, try it in another language! But I didn’t feel so bad because the other lady had a hard time too – and she’s Italian. I am sure that it was funny if you were watching us. Here I am, this pale American trying to keep up with a very tanned Italian in step aerobics.
The second thing is about angry people. To celebrate Independence Day Paul and I wanted to go to the beach, but we didn’t leave until after lunch due to my aerobics class that I feel I have to attend since there are only two of us in the class. So, we get on the train – and then get off again. For some random reason everyone had to get off the train and wait a good 20 minutes for another train to come. So…we get on and starting making the trek out to the beach. There is on older couple on the train and the woman is fussing, fussing about having to wait. And she continues to do so because at every stop we have to wait 5 – 10 minutes – for no reason at all. But this Italy and things like this happen, right? Well, that’s all fine and dandy if it weren’t like 100 degrees out side. At one particular station, we were stopped for a considerable amount of time. The lady I told you about, she decides to get up and find somebody to ask why in the world we are not moving at a decent pace. And she found someone….and then someone else. Suddenly people all around us started to talk, then talk loud, and then louder. Now, if you know anything about Italians you know this is not such a big deal because they almost always talk loud. But this was lots of people wanting to know why the train, they paid to get on, was not moving. I thought there was going to be a riot. At one point and older man started mumbling about trash and all the other problems in the city. Then, I saw this other lady bolt towards the door and scream at an train official. I thought she was going to hit him the way she charged at him. This whole time Paul and I are just watching this scene take place and trying not to laugh at it all. We finally made it to the beach about an hour and a half later. I think we spent more time in travel than we did at the beach itself. But it makes a good story.

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