Big Waves

Today we went to the island of Ischia off the coast of Napoli. It was beautiful. We stepped off the boat and in front of us was this huge green mountain, and I thought to myself, “At some point Jack, Kate and Sawyer are going to come ask me where my boat is.”
We walked around the town of Forio, got some lunch, and then headed down to the beach. Now, all my life I have wanted to see big waves – you know, the kind you see in movies. Well, I got to see them today! We made our way down to a really nice beach with waves crashing on it. We decided it would be a great idea to go play in the giant waves. I soon found out that this was not so much fun for me, seeing as how the waves knocked me down and I ate lots of sand. So, I was content to lay out the rest of the afternoon. And so was Paul, until about an hour later. My fearless husband went back into the water and I soon followed, against by better judgment. Turns out I have good judgment, I just need to follow it!! I got in the water and made it through the first one or two waves, and then one came that knocked me forward and back toward the shoreline. Then, it hit. The monster that has created my most embarrassing moment….ever. I saw it coming, like a tidal wave about to hit. I tried to dive into it like I’d seen so many people in the movies do, but it didn’t help. It knocked me around and under, and as I came up, trying not to panic I heard Paul scream, “YOUR TOP!!!” Yes, that’s right folks, the wave had knocked my top around and I flashed a beach full of Germans and Italians. I think that I was so wrapped up in the waves and that I was getting beat up by water that I was not conscious of what was really happening until after I got myself situated and saw people on the beach gawking and laughing. Needless to say, I got out of the raging water that was doing its best to take me down and hid my face in my towel. Lessons learned at the beach today 1)Never wear a two piece to the beach if you plan on getting in the water, 2) I do not know how to dive into a wave and 3) I prefer the waves in the wave pool at water parks. It’s ok…go ahead and have a good laugh at my expense….about 8 Germans did.

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