His blessings never end

yeah, after 6 weeks, we finally received our package from 121! thanks guys for all your support and encouragement.

One of the God’s greatest qualities is simply the way He loves His children. He knows them in intimate ways and ways that no other person has the ability to. He knows when we need encouragement, how we need it, and when we should give it. Our Father is the one and only true God who has this gift and it has become more real to us in the past month. A couple of weeks ago, about the second week we were here, I received a package from some members of my home church in Simsboro, La. It was very unexpected yet very well received. As I was opening this package I honestly had no idea what to expect, but I was definitely prepared for what was next.
I sat down on the bed in the guest bedroom of the Worthy’s house and began to read about 15 different letters of encouragement from our church family. As I was reading about the third or fourth letter I began to weap. I wept as if I had just lost me best-friend, or perhaps a very close family member. It was something I hadn’t done in years. It took me almost 30 minutes to finish the letters because I would often have to just stop and catch my breath. It was an overwhelming feeling.
For the past 6 months we had been preparing to arrive on the field. Now we were here and boy, did we hit the ground running! I had stopped to thank God for bringing us here, but very briefly, but now it had finally hit. We are in a new country, with new friends, a new language, and a new culture…a bit overwhelming to say the least. BUT…God has been extremely gracious to us. It is now 4 weeks later and we are developing friendships and ministering wherever possible. It has taken me that long to be able to write about that day 4 weeks ago. It’s a marker in my life. God encouraged me in a very special way because of your obedience and thoughtfulness. Thanks for being a blessing to us in many different ways.

5 thoughts on “His blessings never end

  1. Paul, Here’s another “Paul” who’s weeping as I read your blog. What a great God we serve. Surely He supplies everything we need as we respond to Him in faith and obedience. Thanks for the privilege of praying for you two.

  2. Paul – ain’t it good to have such a support group. I’m glad you and MacKenzie have so many people encouraging you and praying for you. How are you doing? Don’t lose touch just because you’ve crossed the pond!

  3. Hey guys!I’d love to email you. The only problem is I dont have your email address. My email address is kbolin@saquest.com. Kody is crawling everywhere and he is about to celebrate his first birthday later on this month! Anyway, I look forward to chatting with you guys soon.Kevin, Krissy, & Kody

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