An Answer to Prayer

God has many wonderful things since our arrival here but there are two that I would like to mention because they have been prayer request since well before our departure.
First, there is a wonderful Baptist church close to our apartment that we go to. There are multiple reasons for going. One, to help with language acquisition. Two, to make partnerships for the future, and third to make friends. Right now the third is the most important reason for me. That church is a God send. Both Paul and I really need it. They are so friendly. Yesterday we at lunch at the home of some friends from the church and stayed until around 6. They are a blessing.
Secondly, I have not been homesick like I thought I was. I remember breaking down in August at the thought of not being close to home, but God has been so gracious. Homesick days will come and go, but right now I have not had but a couple of moments. Not that I do not miss home, but I am not sad and sitting in the apartment everyday either.
THank you so much for praying for my homesickness and friends for Paul and I. They are being answered. Please keep praying for these two things as they are an ongoing thing.

2 thoughts on “An Answer to Prayer

  1. This has been a morning of my catching up on blogs. We praise Father for providing a peace in your hearts and helping you establish your “new home.” Martina and I have moved around so much during our almost 46 years of marriage. Now that we’re retired, we’ve bought a home near several of Martina’s eight siblings and her mother. We’re loving it!Folks have often asked us, “Where’s the place you liked to live best?” We’ve always felt that the best place was where He had us right now (and those feelings are by His grace). May He always make you at home where you are, with friends, a church family, and especially each other, walking with Him.How about posting a color picture (file size about 500K? My screensaver would love it.

  2. Yeah! We are so happy for you guys. There is no prayer request too big for God. All He asks is that we ask. We are so happy that you guys are settling in well and are meeting people. We have to admit we are a little jealous:) That is okay. We know we will leave in His time. We are praying for you and enjoy getting to read your blogs every month. Thanks for being great friends. God Bless!

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