Internet, Amalfi Coast, and other things

Ciao! Goodness, lots has happened in the last few weeks. The greatest – we got internet today. It really is an answered prayer for a lot of people. A huge thanks to our business consultant in Roma, who has called and called and called about our “little” internet problem until the company did something about it. 

This week we started another round of classes. The past two months we went to school everyday for 4 hours. Now we go 3 times a week for 2 hours for 3 months. Now we have all this free time to really build relationships and get to know our neighborhood. Please pray that we will not waste our time but will find things to do that will put us in contact with the same people on a regular basis.
In the middle of Feb. we went to Malta for a training workshop. Here are some pictures

St. Paul’s grotto

At the blue grotto. yes the water is actually this color!
Below is the island where paul is said to have shipwrecked.

 This past weekend we went down the Amalfi coast. Amalfi is famous for its lemons. They are the biggest things I have ever seen!! JUST LOOK! 
This is Micah holding a lemon we bought. Below is a pic of me cutting up the lemon and a picture of me, Mic
ah and Emma (The Worthy girls) and Shannon Worthy throwing rocks into the sea.

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