And The People Prayed

Three weeks ago I decided to do something I don’t normally do. Some of you will find this ironic (I’m speaking specifically to Vince Rice and Erin Etheridge) since I have a blog on which I write about personal things, but I am somewhat reserved in what I put out “there”. When it comes to asking people to pray for me via Facebook or the blog…I don’t. I keep that to myself or maybe a few friends.

However, on January 26, I felt inclined…overtaken, really, by some crazy desire to ask people in a Facebook group we have to pray for something big…something huge…something we’ve been praying about since last May. This is what I posted:

Ok, everyone…here’s the situation on the house. We have had two different people express interest, however no offers have been made. I know many of you are praying about the house for us, but I would like to ask you to please remember to pray this week with us. We need the house sold now more than ever because 1) we are getting close to meeting our support goal and 2) our mortgage went up a good bit. Will you please join us this week to ask God to move on our behalf and send us an offer? Thanks.

Back up a few days to Friday, January 23. Sitting in her office, surrounded by the busyness of the GCM office, the international coordinator, Cori, was speaking with our coach, Keva, about our case. The topic of discussion? What needed to happen in order for the “ok” to given to the Davidson’s to move ahead with their VISA paperwork? It was decided that there were two things: get close to 80% funded and get an offer on the house. They begin praying for both of these things to happen quickly. I had no idea this conversation had occurred until Wednesday, January 28.

Before I move on, let’s recap quickly…

Friday – Cori and Keva begin praying for the house to sell and for us to reach 80%.

Monday – I put out a Facebook post asked people to pray for an offer on the house to come in that week.

On Tuesday, January 27, our realtor called to tell us a couple had made an offer on the house. On Wednesday morning, we accepted a final offer from them.

It blows my mind at how God works. I sit at His feet this morning in awe and wonder. His timing is perfect, flawless, intentional.

We were depending on the house selling for a considerable amount more than what we bought it at in order to use that money towards start up cost when we move. We’ve been banking on it. Trusting in it. As we were going back and forth with the potential buyers we looked at the numbers and realized that God had provided our start up cost through other means…through people giving to our ministry and family with one time gifts. I felt silly having put my trust in a house versus in God. I was depending on the profit from the house, when I should have been depending on Him. In allowing our house to sell for what it has, He brought us back to dependence on Him, showing us that He has already provided amply for what we will need when we move.

He is the God who hears and answers.

He is the God who moves in greater and mightier ways than I will ever know or understand.

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