A Special Week

This is a special week. Paul turns 34 this week. Yep. 34. Let’s not focus on that though. It’s only a number, right? I keep telling myself that because in a few months it’s my turn.

But Paul’s birthday is not the main reason this is a special week. This week also marks the day when Paul decided that he desperately needed Jesus in his life. It was 16 years ago. He was just a few days shy of his 18th birthday. And his life changed…forever.

He wrote this today on facebook:

Today is a pretty special day for me. 16 years ago today I gave my life to Christ. While I knew I was making the right decision for eternity sake then, I had no idea of the everyday joys that God had in store for the future. I’m so grateful for the abundant grace of God, that not only saves me, but sanctifies me everyday, through faith. I’ve been rescued from sin, and not just from certain temptations, but rescued of sin’s power in my life in so many ways. I’ve been redeemed. Bought with the price of a life given to satisfy the wrath of Holy God. Jesus’ life is now my life. And what a life it’s been these last 16 years!

Whenever I hear or read his story I can’t help but tear up. For some reason it just overwhelms me. It is always incredible to hear stories of life change, however when it is your best friend, your soul mate, the person you spend your every moment with, it becomes something different.

You see, when I hear or read his story I think about where I’d be if that day had not happened. To be quite honest, it’s too scary to even think about too long.

Paul had several friends invite him to church and tell him the incredible news that is wrapped up in Jesus. I am eternally grateful to them, especially Amanda Hood, Scott Wright and Ronnie Cathey. To Amanda for living out the gospel in front of him and to Scott and Ronnie for discipling him. Not only did they and so many others play a part in his life change, but they changed mine as well. My life was changed that day 16 years ago when Paul accepted Christ, I just didn’t know it yet.

I was a couple hundred miles away, wrapped up in my on world. I was probably worried about things that didn’t really matter then, much less now. But one state over, the man who would steal my heart 6 years later was seeing his need for a Savior. Oh, blessed day.

I hope you see through Paul’s story the impact that one person’s life can have on another. If Amanda and Paul’s other friends had not shared Jesus with him who know if he would have ever made that crucial decision. If Ronnie and Scott had not discipled him his faith might not have increased and matured. If one or more of these people had not acted as they did, both of our lives would have been very different.

It is so very important that we live out our faith everyday. That we speak the words that have the ability to change lives, not because we speak them but because of the power of the Holy Spirit. Our actions or lack thereof impact so many people. Some we may never even know about.

Thank you. Thank you to everyone who cared enough about my husband to share Jesus with him. I am indebted to you.

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