Serving Big

This past week REVO participated in The Big Serve. For those who don’t know The Big Serve is a week long event in which churches in our area blitz their communities with service projects. It’s an incredible week of serving our city. What I’ve found is that it has lead me to be more passionate and involved and to care more about the people I serve…and I want to keep serving them.

The cool thing this year was that our kids went with us to a few of the places we worked. We took meals to firefighters a couple of nights and my kids ate it up – both the food and being with the firemen. Lily now wants to be a firefighter.

This little guy was the life of the party. He loved every minute and took as many stickers as the firemen would give him.

Saturday I took Lily to serve at Ashley Elementary School to help with landscaping and gardening. She was just so excited that she was getting to play in the dirt and wear her gloves.

 We served along some of my favorite people. This is Zena. She’s from Jordan. This was her first time doing landscaping work…she killed it.

 This is Leigha, a dear friend. She is so passionate about the school. She serves them hard and wants others to care about them as much as she does. I love to hear her talk about the students and teachers.

I think the thing that hit me the most about The Big Serve this year was our kids being involved. I cherished being able to work with Lily by my side and talking about why we were working at the school. It’s one of my favorite moments to date.

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