Morning lesson in the kitchen

I decided to be ambitious this morning and make a new muffin recipe…apple cinnamon whole wheat muffins to be exact. A change for morning breakfast…something somewhat healthy.

I think I was just on a roll of baking…for there has been a lot of that this week, which I’ll blog about at some point.

*I spent almost five minutes trying to figure out how to spell the word ambitious before finally holding up a white flag in defeat. I then sent my friend Erin a text asking her how to spell it. In mid-text I thought, “This is stupid. You can’t spell the word to ask her how to spell it.” The text went something like “How do you spell the word ambishous.” I’m pretty sure I could hear her laughing from 8 miles away. Apparently I need to go back to 4th grade. Thank you for sharing in my moment of dimness…back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

After twenty minutes of waiting and smelling the goodness that was baking in my oven, the healthy muffins were ready to be consumed. And consume I did.

Don’t worry…I let the kids and Paul consume some, too.

Paul ate his on the way out the door to go serve hard picking up trash at an apartment complex as part of The Big Serve.

Caleb tore into his, while Lily, seeing one small piece of carrot (I did mention these were “healthy” muffins, right?) freaked out crying, “I said I didn’t want any carrots.” She did not mention this to me, in fact, she asked for a piece of carrot to eat while I was chopping it up. Oh, the ups and downs of being almost 4.

Me? Well, I was chowing down, thinking how good I could feel about eating this healthy muffin because it was made with wheat flour and had carrots in it, when all of a sudden I bit down on something nasty and bitter. It was so revolting I immediately spit the bite of muffin out onto my napkin.

Upon peering into the rest, unchewed, part of the muffin I noticed some sort of white chunk. I didn’t bother guessing, for I still had the nasty, bitter taste in my mouth that was making my stomach take a turn for the not-so-great.

I drank water to no avail. My teeth needed brushing anyway so I decided to give that a whirl. It was at the moment when I picked up the toothpaste that I figured out what the mysterious white chuck had been. We  are currently using Arm and Hammer toothpaste, which has what in it? That’s right….baking soda. What did I bite into that was bitter and nasty in that muffin? BAKING SODA.

Lesson learned….always, I repeat always, sift.

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