An Evening on the Deck Roasting Coffee and Getting My Hair Done

Paul is becoming quite the coffee roaster.
Many evenings we hang out on the deck mesmerized by the coffee roasting process and Paul’s ability to hear the first and second “crack” of the beans telling him they are good and roasted. He has hearing like a bat – except when we are watching TV, then he can’t hear a thing unless the volume is way up. I, on the other hand, having the hearing of a normal human. I can’t hear coffee beans “cracking” but I can hear TV at normal volumes and crying babies during the night.  
But I digress…
While Paul was roasting coffee, me and kids were hanging out, enjoying the smell of the coffee as we getting into some shenanigans.
Caleb, however, spent the first part of the evening inventing new ways to capture my heart.

 Tell me, how in the world do you say “No” to this?? Tell me, just tell me.

Lily spend the evening inventing new dance moves. I think this one is called “The Crazy, Disco Monkey”.

Then, as if it had called his name, Caleb found the comb I’d been using to comb Lily’s hair, and proceeded to play barber shop on my head. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Lily joined in.

  Don’t let these pictures fool you…

there was a lot of pain involved in the playing of barber shop…

I am surprised I didn’t get a concussion from all the blows to the head I took from being on the other end of that comb…

but I wouldn’t trade being there playing barber shop with them for anything…slight concussion and all.

Filled with love,

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