It’s More Than a Building

I have written several posts on the new building lately. It’s been exciting to see the transformation, even to be a small part of that transformation. However, I don’t want anyone to think that what we at REVO care about is a building. A building is just that…a building. It’s not who we are. It does not define us. That might bring up a couple of questions.

Question 1. If it is not about the building then why work so hard to change it?
We want to create an environment that is inviting and welcoming. We want you to be comfortable when you walk in, to know where to go (who doesn’t want to know where the bathroom is?), to be comfortable leaving your children in our care. That’s not only why we want the building to be appealing, but also why we believe the service on Sunday morning begins in the parking lot. That’s why we have people to help you park and if it is raining to walk you from your car to the door under the protection of an umbrella. It’s why you are greeted and welcomed when you come in by more than one person. It’s why we print identification tags for your children and have fun things for them to do when you drop them off in rWorld. We know that if the environment is stuffy, unwelcoming, and hard to get around then odds are you won’t come back. And we want you to come back because we want you to hear about the amazing love of Jesus, His gospel, and how we are to live in the world for His glory.

Question 2. If it is not about the building, then what is it about?
In order to answer this question, you have to rephrase the question because it’s not about the “what” but the “who”. We exist to spark a revolution of life change through Jesus. That’s why we do everything in the answer from Question 1. We do everything to bring honor, glory, and worth to His holy name. That’s why we are one church in two locations. Next week, people downtown and on the north side will hear the good news of Jesus. Children downtown and on the north side will learn how to live for Jesus. If it was just about a building then we would cease to have a downtown campus. If it was just about REVO then we’d be pushing an agenda of our own making. You’d see no gospel-centeredness anywhere. We want to spread the glory of Jesus in Winston and to the ends of the earth. We want to Love Big, Serve Hard, Grow Deep, Live Bold, and Move Forward because in doing those things we bring honor and glory to Him who saved us

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