Wrapped in Love

One of REVO’s local strategic ministry partners is Salem Pregnancy Care Center. They exist “to serve Jesus Christ by promoting sexual purity, and through life-affirming ministry to those touched by a crisis pregnancy as they make decisions regarding pregnancy, parenting, adoption, and relationship issues.” We’ve been volunteering there before we even launched back in February 2011.

I am pretty sure at some point in the last year I have mentioned my friend, Erin Etheridge, aka the Fierce Beagle. She had a great idea several months ago – make blankets for the babies of the women who turn to Salem Pregnancy for help. Her name for the blankets…Wrapped in Love.

I fell in love with the idea and wanted to see something she has been dreaming of for a long time become a reality. In the beginning of the summer we hashed out some details, sent out emails, spread the word and got started making blankets. Anyone could come and learn how to sew, crochet or knit. Beginners, experts…all were invited.

We started back in August with around 8 of us making blankets. Erin’s goal was to have 15 of them by September. We have one more week of sewing, crocheting, and knitting, and we are going to end up with over 20 blankets.

 My friend, Amber, is at the head of the table in this picture. We’ve all been trying for about a month to figure out how to work her sewing machine. I think Erin’s grandmother, Mrs. Alice, who is to the left of Amber, figured out how to thread the machine. We’ve all struggled with this machine. Hopefully, it’s up and running now.

These little squirts always make our sewing days quite entertaining.

This is Ms. Mary, Erin’s other grandmother. Shes’ Irish. She says such words as “wee” and “lovely”. She has become one of the highlights of my week. I look forward to Tuesday because I know I will see her. I purposefully bring my crocheting so I can have an excuse to sit by her on the couch as she works on her knitting so I can talk to her, not that either of us gets much work done. She has lived an incredible life, seen amazing things, and is one of the loveliest people I know. She reminds me of my grandmothers, and I guess sitting with her for a couple of hours every week makes me somehow feel closer to them. I absolutely cherish this wee, lovely, Irish woman.

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