Building update

Tons has happened since the last building update. Windows have been blacked out, there’s been tons more painting, there is a stage, rGarden (aka nursery) is about finished up….I can’t wait for the finished product.

 This is the stage in rTheater, where all our kids ages 18 months through 5th grade go for large group. Matt Forestieri, a friend at church, and another Matt did the construction in this room. It’s unbelievable.

These two pictures are of the sound booth in rTheater. A SOUND BOOTH!! Matt and Matt had to rip out a counter and sink before they could build this wonderful thing. SO EXCITED!

The following pictures of in rGarden (6weeks olds through 18 months). It’s where I hang out on Sunday mornings. Don’t let the green scare you or make you worried we are all going to go blind. It’s not as bright as it appears…okay, that could be a slight falsehood. It is really bright…bright and incredibly cool.

 My friend and neighbor, Shana, worked tirelessly putting this shelving unit together. She’s a hard worker, a great mom and wife, and I am so very glad we are friends.

 Kat was working on getting the computers do to whatever it is we need them to do in rWorld. I don’t think it was going very well at this moment.

Sorry for the blurriness of this photo, but I think I captures the essence of Kelley Lambert. This picture is who Kelley is…cheerful, positive, energetic…oh, and she and her husband, Chase, are adopting babies from Ethiopia. Please take just a few minutes and go to their website to learn their story and find out ways you can help two amazing people bring home two amazing babies.

I promise we are not going to stick the babies in the crib while it is on it’s side. 

 Chase, Kelley’s husband, worked hard blackening out the windows so we can control the lighting in the sanctuary. There are lots of windows. I am going to go out on a limb and say he worked really hard to get this done.

My two favorite guys sitting on the stage. I believe at this point work was being done to take down hanging microphones and the choir pews.

I’ll have more updates soon. Only 3 more days until the launch!

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