Catching Stars

I have not had time to blog about my new job at Forsyth Technical Community College. I am a secretary for the Community and Economic Development program. We do so much in this program that it is impossible to write it all down. In a nutshell, we offer everything from flower arrangement to gaining employability skills. Name it, we got it.
But this post is not to tell you about my job, but to brag on this school. Especially in my department, we are helping people gain new skills that will help them gain the knowledge they need to find a job. I am really proud of that.
But yesterday I witnessed something that made me so very proud to say I work at Forsyth Tech. We had our professional development meeting yesterday, which means all 500 and something of the full time faculty were present. Towards the end of our morning meeting the Star Catchers performed.
The Star Catchers are a group of students who are part of the compensatory education program, which is a program designed to help mentally disabled people gain skills to become as independent as possible.
This group has performed for many groups that range in size from 80 to the thousands. As I watched them sing and sign “You Raise Me Up” I thought about the courage it takes anyone to stand in front of people. I also was extremely proud that I work for an institution that has not forgotten people that society so quickly dismisses and casts aside.
However, the lingering thought I had was, “Has anyone told them about the God that created them and loves them?” We are teaching them how to buy groceries, do laundry, clean house, but do they have anyone in their lives teaching them about the love of Christ?

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