What is THAT????

Is it hail? A tiny pice of cottonball? A kernel of white corn, perhaps? You would be wrong on all counts. What it is, is a piece of styrofoam Paul and I had to extract from Lily’s nose yesterday afternoon with the pictured tweezers. I have to sterilize my tweezers now. I have seriously seen hail smaller than this thing.
The minor surgery which took place on the bathroom counter was anything but pleasant. Picture if you will: Lily, lying on the counter screaming like she’s a soldier in Gone With The Wind and the doctor is about to amputate her leg with no anestheia. Paul, holding Lily’s arms down and trying to hold her head still with his forearms. Me, tweezers in hand trying to pull a piece of styrofoam out of Lily’s nose without pushing it further up her nasal passage or grab a piece of nose hair and pull it out accidently.

The joys of parenthood.

Excuse me, I have to go make sure my daughter hasn’t stuffed play dough up her nostril.

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