Making a Difference One Movie at a Time

I’d like to introduce you to my friends Neil and Lindsey. We met them a year ago and formed an immediate connection (at least on our part – gee, won’t it be awkward if they read this and think “What connection?).
I digress…

Neil and Lindsey are those really cool people you want to be friends because, well, they are really cool.

And they do really cool things.

They both come from photography backgrounds, but recently developed a love for film. They have started a film company called Iron Kite Films. Do yourself a favor and check it out

There are several cool parts to this:
Cool part one – the films tell a story that you don’t see in your typical wedding or birthday or any other event video. It’s quite fancy. Emphasis on fancy.
Cool part two – Neil makes videos of the mission trips he goes on and puts them on the website.
Cool part three – They are vocal about their beliefs and what they are doing.
Cool part four – 10% of the orders they book this quarter will go to a missionary family in the Phillipines

This is one family who are passionately in love with God and making His great name known throughout the world. They don’t just give lip service to their love of Christ, they live it out in big ways. I love that an ordinary couple, who happen to be really cool, started a company related to something they were interested in and are using it to make something great of God’s name.

They inspire me…to do more, to get out of my comfort zone, to never lose hope.

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