A Nomadic Love Story….Part Nineteen, The Start of Something Wonderful

August 26…it had finally arrived. The day of days. The dawning of a new era. The beginning of it all…My last day as a Montague and my first day as a Davidson. My heart was conflicted because, after all, I had been a Montague for 25 years. How would people know me? Would I have to hyphen my name on facebook? How long would it take me to remember to introduce myself as MacKenzie Davidson and not MacKenzie Montague?

But then I told myself to shut-up with that nonsense. I was getting married to my prince that day. I did not have time to worry about such silly things as name changes. After all, I had to get my hair and make-up done.

The day started with a luncheon for me and my bridesmaids at my grandmother’s house. I think everyone was amazed I was actually eating. Not too many things will keep me from eating.

After putting away a plate of food, we headed for the church. I know it is cliche, but I felt like a princess sitting in that blue chair getting my hair curled and my lips painted red, and when I put my dress on I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world….for a whole five minutes because that was the point at which I realized I could not breath due to the tightness of the dress. Sometimes I guess pain is beauty.

The morning and afternoon passed in a frenzy of pictures and playing games as we all nervously awaited 6:00.

Finally, it was time for me to start moving to the front of the church…or is it back…maybe it depends on your perspective. Either way, I moved. As my father and I headed down the walkway to the foyer, I began to realize that I was actually getting married. No more talking about it, no more planning. And for some reason I found it funny and began to laugh.

I laughed while the mothers walked in. I laughed while my friends strutted there stuff to towards the front. I laughed while my father walked me down. And yes, I laughed in my pastor’s face.

Our ceremony was exactly what we wanted it to be, except for the laughing and the bridesmaids flowers that may be the ugliest things I have ever seen. We wanted God to be glorified and praised. We wanted a God-centered wedding. I think we accomplished that. After twenty minutes of worship and making a covenant between ourselves and God and those present, Paul and I skipped, hopped and jumped down the aisle as David Crowder crooned “I Saw the Light”.

After a few mintues of pictures Mike Murks, a family friend, drove Paul and I to my parents’ house where we all danced the night away….not really. At around 9, I was ready to go.
But we had a fun night filled with food, dancing and turkey calling from my dad and good friend Chuck.

Since we were headed to Jackson, we closed out the night with dancing to “I’m Goin’ to Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter. A month later we actually listened to the words and thought maybe that wasn’t the best song choice. We ran through the luminous glow of sparklers (rice makes the birds blow up after all), ending what was the first night of the rest of our lives.

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