Lock Stock and Barrel

Last week my parents came up for a visit. Mom and I looked for fabric for the baby’s room. Daddy and Paul played golf. But the highlight of the visit was on the last night when we went to eat at Mayberry’s.
After a scrumptious supper of hamburgers and spicy chicken sandwiches we decide to order some ice cream because Mayberry’s is known for their ice cream. My dad, who didn’t want any ice cream, looks at the long list of ice cream flavors and sundaes and sees a big box towards the bottom of the menu. Inside the box is written “Lock Stock and Barrel”. What is the Lock Stock and Barrel? This is the description from the menu:

Includes 8 scoops of our old time ice cream flavors and
4 scoops of our zingy sherberts. Then add ice cream cake
roll slices, ladle on our homemade chocolate, strawberry and pineapple
toppings, sneak in a ripe banana, and finally crown
the whole creation with whipped topping, a generous serving of
English walnuts, and ice cream cone hat.

…..oh yeah, there is a cherry on top. He decides this would be a great thing for four people and a baby to try to consume. So, of course, the rest of us jump of his band wagon.

The ice cream part of the restaurant is at the front, and we are at the back, away from everyone else in the place. I look over and see the waiter pull out a trifle bowl and begin to put our 12 scoops of ice cream into it! A TRIFLE BOWL! We all move from unbelief at what we have just done to uncontrollable laughter as the everyone in the restaurant is watching the guy make this thing. As he brings it to our table, heads turn to follow him and our laughter increases.

This is what the Lock Stock and Barrel looks like and this is my dad – the man who did not want any ice cream 10 minutes before this picture was taken.

My mom…she and I finished the thing off.

Out of my mom and I, of course, I am the last one eating. I blame the pregnancy.

End result

Lily was happy, full, and on a sugar high by the time we left.

Oh, and on the way out a group of ladies stopped us to ask if we finished it. Fun times with the folks.

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