Peace. Where does it come from? How does one obtain it? Is peace that passeth all understanding even a possibility in the world we live in today? And even when you get some peace, what does that mean?

So where does peace come from and how does one obtain it? In my humble opinion peace comes from the Peace-Giver. Has money or the pursuit of things or family or friends ever brought anyone peace? If you’re dealing with people, then conflict is going to arise, which is the OPPOSITE of peace. Peace comes from a source outside of ourselves. It comes when we trust. Trust who or what? When we trust the Peace-Giver.

Peace has come up a lot in the last couple of weeks. The thing about it is, when you have peace it’s great and when you don’t, life pretty much stinks and is just a big ball of confusion. Personally, I don’t like it when my life feels like a big ball of confusion. But does anybody?

In the past when I have lived with the big ball of confusion, I lived with it for a while. Searching for answers from everybody and anybody, taking on the opinions of others instead of making my own, and most importantly, not seeking out the One who gives peace.

I have found as I have gotten older and continue to mature spiritually that I depend less and less on what others think and am able to take advice, counsel, or whatever you would like to call it and think critically about it. But the main thing I have learned since…probably leaving for Italy… is to ask God and to seek His face and what He wants from me. And the great thing about that is when I have prayed and searched out what God wants from me, after I have an answer from Him, I cannot be swayed. I have peace. I have a peace that doubt or fear cannot penetrate. That, in itself, is peaceful.

So what does this look like in the unrestful world we live in? The best example I have for my own self is that at this moment I am trying to find a job. I have too many applications out to keep track of and have not heard anything back in weeks. A music education degree is about as good a bible degree in the secular world. And although I have no idea how things will work out by the time the new baby arrives financially, God does. So, I’m ok with not having a job. I am going to continue to do my part in finding one, but ultimately I am trusting the He knows our needs and He will provide for them. With that trust and knowledge comes peace.

So how do you find peace? Where are you looking for rest in an unrestful world? Where, in what or in whom do you put your trust, which leads to peace?

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