A few days in the north

We spent a few days in Milano and Torino so I could do some research and get pictures for a new role I will be taking on (but more on that later). Every region here is different and unique, from the food to the people.

Below are some pictures that can explain some of the differences and unique things about the cities.

Torino is known as a Satanic hub. Apparently there is a man hole that is welded shut that is said to be the gateway to hell. Not sure if this is the actual manhole but it is in the same vicinity.

Don’t know if you can tell, but Torino (which is where the Winter Olympics were once held. I vaguely remember Katie Couric and Matt Lauer sitting in some chairs looking cold) is really, really clean. Not at all what we are used to down here.

Both Torino and Milano have lots of immigrants.

Meet Julia. The girl with sparking eyes and magically curly hair.

We had a long day of walking around Milano so Jake and I decided to cool off.
FYI: Jake and Julia are two of the three children of our colleagues (and friends) Jason and Allyson.

A Filipino making flowers and birds out of veggies. Those roses are made from beets.

Ok, so there are some things that don’t change no matter where you go in this country.

Mr. Di Vinci.
This is inside the Galleria Mall. Apparently if you put your foot where this ladies’ foot is and turn in a circle it will bring you good luck. I did not try it.

This is Barthalomew, the disciple who was skinned.

Here is the side view. That would be his face handing behind him. Gross.

The Duomo in Milano. It is the fourth largest church in the world.

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