Piazza ministry

A couple of Sundays ago one of the Baptist churches that we partner with held a service in the piazza. Here are some of the things they did.

Cardboard testimonies

There was some preachin’.

This is Pasquale giving his testimony, which is really powerful. He had cancer about 5 years ago and came to know Christ during his treatment.

There was also music.

Casey helped take care of Miss Lily, who had to be taken to the shade because the sun was too bright and her head was bare. Yes, it is correct to deduce that an Italian woman told me this, but at least Lily didn’t have a burnt head when we got home.

There were also puppets.

which were really, really heavy.

This is Pierlo. He may be THE nicest man I’ve ever met. And you should hear him preach. He LOVES God.

Rita and Debora. Two of my favorite people.

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