Italian university students don’t eat cookies

Today Paul, Jason, Grace and Cortney went to the engineering school close to our house to help the Gruppo Biblici Universitari do a survey. The GBU is campus ministry and for information on what they do you can visit

The survey was 5 questions about Easter, who they believe Jesus to be, do they believe in an after life, and what is the reason for Easter.

What was my part? I baked cookies for them to hand out, thinking the students will see the cookies, stop to get a cookies, and while eating the cookie fill out a survey. I don’t think that’s how it went down. I’m pretty sure that most of the cookies were eaten by the people handing out the surveys. The Italians did not care one iota about those free cookies. That means more for Paul I guess.

Anyway, back to the actual survey. Sixty-seven surveys got filled out, which is great. The responses are varied. There are lots of students who do not believe in God, an afterlife, or that Jesus is the Son of God. However there are lots of students who do believe all those things and who seem interested in learning more. The GBU leaders got all the students emails and hopefully will be able to make some contacts and share more about Christ.

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