Saturday was a very nice day….at least it started out nice. Very sunny and warm. Paul had cabin fever and asked if I would call Cortney or Ellie and Kala to see what they were doing. They already had plans to go to Pozzuoli and they graciously said we could tag along. For those who don’t know Pozzuoli is also known as Puteoli. Look it up in Acts and you’ll find it is where the apostle Paul spent seven days before heading up to Rome to stand before Cesar. Pretty cool stuff.

Inside the amphitheater (aka coliseum)

La quattro amigas (Yes that’s Spanish and Italian)

The photographers. All four have fancy cameras. Of course you can’t see Paul’s because I had to use it to take the picture .

I think the lighting in this is just beautiful. Does that sound like I know something about photography?? ‘Cause I don’t.

Me and Coolness.

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