Advice … wanted or not

Here in Naples new mothers but what is called a carrozza. In England it is called a pram. It is like a flat stroller. They tend to cost a lost of money and you can only use it for two or three months. So we decided to get a regular stroller and use a papoose carrier until Lily can go into the stroller.

I tell you that as set up for what happened to me today. It’s a nice day and I decided after being cooped up in the house for a week with colds Lily and I would go for a little walk. Naturally, I put her in her papoose.

I decided to go into United Colors of Benetton (a Gap-like store). Now, let me insert a parenthesis here. When you walk around with a baby, all Italian females, young and old, will stop you to say “Che bella” (How beautiful) or something like it. Back to the story. As I was walking around the store with Lily an old Italian lady passed by and looked at Lily. When she turned back around I thought she was going to come look at Lily and ask about her. That was not the case. Instead she told me that I shouldn’t carry Lily around in the papoose. It is bad for her. I should put her in a carrozza. In fact, a pediatrician had told her that papooses are not good for babies, and she is a grandmother and she knows. Her daughter tried to tell her that lots of people use the carriers now. But she would not hear of it. I politely said thank you and “Si, signora”. Then we parted ways. I did not go buy a carrozza.

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