All by myself

Paul has been gone since Wednesday evening to a meeting in northern Italy. Lily and I have been holding down the fort….and we’re both under the weather. Well, Lily is doing better. Paul is sick as well. He’s just not in the comfort of his own home being sick.

Being alone with Lily for two days has given me an appreciation for single parents. I really don’t know how they do it. I keep thinking about women who have a baby without a husband or any family to help. Life is difficult enough without having to raise children by yourself. I wonder how they do it, but I am learning you do what you have to do. You can’t wallow in what could be or what you don’t have because life keeps going and there is someone else depending on you. You can’t not show up when there is another person depending on you for every single thing. So, I tip my hat to all the single mothers and fathers in the world.

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