Things I am Thankful For

For places like this and being able to see it

Time to stop and smell the flowers

A husband who can capture sweet moments like this….

and this

For Giovanni, Francesca, and Giovanni’s parents who have been my friends and family and who have embraced me as one of their own

For these people who have befriended, loved, and guided me over the past two years. And their children who make my life brighter, sweeter, and funnier.

For her, who encourages me with her engaging and light-hearted spirit

For them, who love The Pioneer Woman recipes as much as Paul and I do and who became instant lifelong friends and because they think I’m funny.

For her and all her ghetto/cajunness and easy ways

For this great man and his lovely wife who have helped, encouraged, and picked me up

For Edelweiss because they remind me of my father which reminds me of the rest of my lovely family which reminds me of the great family I married into and how lucky and blessed I am because of them all

For this man who makes everyday sunny and who has lived the past 8 months with a throwing up, tired, crying, hungry woman with patience, grace, and love

And for the little girl who makes this picture possible, the joy she brings me and will continue to bring me the rest of my life and the God who put her there.

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