Bench Ministry

The group from Sulphur, Louisiana is doing an amazing job. They are talking to people and sharing Christ without hesitation. They have been such an encouragement to me.

Last night we were all in a shopping area that is crawling with people. I got there before everyone else and after walking the street looking for someone a few times decided to do some “bench ministry”. You know, where you sit on a bench and talk to the people who sit down by you. I thought it would be a good strategy since a) I could not really find any of the group, b) I was tired of walking up and down the hill and c) I don’t do well with walking up to people on the street, guess I thought I would do better sitting by people.

I sat down next to a couple and for a while just sat. I finally asked them if they lived in the area and if there were any good places to eat. So that got us to talking. In the end they had to leave before any kind of spiritual topic came up. Then an older couple sat down and I tried the same approach, however they were not quite as talkative. Nice, but not too talkative other than wanting to know about the baby.

After they left a woman and her daughter sat down. About the same time an older woman came up to me and handed me a tract about the end of the world. I thought she was Catholic as she went through it until I saw the stamp on the back of the tract that indicated she was Jehovah’s Witness. When she found out I was an evangelical her expression changed ever so slightly, but she kept talking and I took her literature. Then, I asked the woman next to me what she thought and that opened up a great conversation. She is of course Catholic but not practicing, which led me to ask why. Her response, “Why should I go to a priest? I can go to God. Why do I need the priest?” I got so excited. So we talked about salvation and how we all need a Savior and that Savior is Jesus. We also discussed good works and praying to Mary and saints. At the end I encouraged to find a church other than a Catholic one to go to in order to have fellowship with those who think like she does.

It was a great conversation and I was greatly encouraged by it. So I am very thankful that the Jehovah’s Witness woman came and invited me to her church.

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